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RE: Question on Ordering


When one wants to combine two equal length lists to produce a new list in
the same order, the command to use is Inner. Here is an example for your
type of plot.

alist = Table[Sin[2\[Pi] x], {x, 0, 1, 0.05}];
blist = Table[x, {x, 0, 1, 0.05}];

plotdata = Inner[{Hue[#2], Point[{#2, #1}]} &, alist, blist, List];

Show[Graphics[{AbsolutePointSize[4], plotdata}],
    Frame -> True,
    PlotLabel -> "Rendering Controlled by x Value",
    ImageSize -> 450,
    Background -> Linen];

Just for fun, here is another unconventional use of Inner: dividing one
equation by another.

eqn1 = a x == b;
eqn2 = c y == d;

Inner[Divide, eqn1, eqn2, Equal]
(a*x)/(c*y) == b/d

David Park
djmp at

From: Owen, HL (Hywel) [mailto:H.L.Owen at]
To: mathgroup at

I have two sets of data A and B of the same length, that I'd like to plot
one against the other - this is easy of course:


What I'd like to do next is to colour each point according to the value of B
(or A in principle). The points are easily generated using:


And if I have a list of colours C I can do something like


The question is how to generate the list of colours C. Note that I don't
want to sort A and B, since I want to leave them alone to plot {A,D}, {A,E}
later on.

I tried various combinations of Ordering[] and Position[] but didn't get
anywhere. Anyone have any idea?



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