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Re: Constant function Integrate Assumption

With[{Months = 1}, Integrate[UnitStep[t Months], t]]

Integrate[UnitStep[t Months], t, Assumptions -> Months == 1]

Integrate[UnitStep[t Months] /. Months -> 1, t]

Integrate[UnitStep[t Months] /. x_*Months -> x, t]

Bob Hanlon

In article <c4bdnf$6tr$1 at>, dsr14 at (Daryl Reece) wrote:

<< I am trying to use units within an Integration and would like
Mathematica to understand that the units (Month) are not a function of
the integration variable, but I have not had any luck with my


Integrate[UnitStep[t Months], t]

should yield

t UnitStep[t]

but I get the unevaluated form, because Mathematica does not know how to
assume that Month is not a function of t.

I've tried Assumptions, SetAttribute, no avail.  I've
also hunted extensively online (Wolfram, this group and MathGroup)
without any results, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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