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Re: UnitStep function leads to very difficult Integration

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  • Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 00:12:19 -0400 (EDT)
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Nathan Moore wrote:

> Hello all,

> I'm trying to evaluate expectation values from joint probability 
> distributions which I've had to define in a piecewise manner, ie

> 	norm = Integrate[G[1,x]G[2,x],{x,0,10}];
> 	<x^2> = Integrate[G[1,x]G[2,x] x^2,{x,0,10}] * norm

> where the G[k,x] is a set of polynomials defined piecewise on 
> intervals, {(0,2),(2,4),(4,6),etc}.

> I assume the most Mathematica-friendly way to define these functions is 
> with the UnitStep[] function.  This works to varying degree.  I was 
> able to check the probability normalization this way (integrating only 
> one G[k,x]) with an exact result.  Unfortunately though Mathematica 
> seems unable to find an exact experssion for the expectation when the 
> G[k,x] polynomials take sufficiently complex form.

> The integration output starts to look like,
> 	Integrate[ d^4 ( (d-3)UnitStep[3-d] UnitStep[d-1]/d + UnitStep[1 - d] 
> UnitStep[d])^2, {d,0,3}]
This is the way you could get exact rational values :

      cv_List(*critical values*),
      pd_(*polynomial degree*),
      eps_(* epsilon to avoid boundary integration troubles*)
      ] := Module[{termIntegrate, th, ti},
      termIntegrate[{a_, b_}] :=
          t=Table[{x, f /. d -> x},{x, a+eps, b-eps, incr}];
          tfit = Fit[t,Table[d^n,{n,0,pd}],d] // Chop // Rationalize;
      th = Thread[{Drop[cv,-1], Rest[cv]}];
      ti = termIntegrate /@ th;
      Plus @@ (Integrate[#[[3]],{d, #[[1]]+eps, #[[2]]-eps}]& /@ ti)

(* your example : *)
expr=d^4 ((d-3)UnitStep[3-d] UnitStep[d-1]/d+UnitStep[1-d] UnitStep[d])^2;
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