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Re: Plotting scattergram

Mukhtar wrote:
> Is there a way to plot a scattergram.  I could not find anyting in
> statistics section, where one would expect to find it.  I have two
> vectors X and Y that I need to plot against each other.  As of now I
> have to export data to excel and do it there which is very
> inconvenient. Thanks.
OK, let's start with a vector of X values and a vector of Y values:

Xset = Table[k + Random[], {k, 0, 10}];

Yset = Table[k + Random[], {k, 0, 10}];

Then to plot Y against X use:

ListPlot[Transpose[{Xset, Yset}]]

It is important to remember that the various packages are designed to 
augment Mathematica - so you have to look at them in conjunction with 
the core functionality of Mathematica.

David Bailey

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