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Re: Principal Value integral

Carlo Teubner <AskMeAndIllTellYou. at> wrote:
> The following Principal Value integral does not appear to give the
> correct result.
> Integrate[1/(x^3-1), {x, -Infinity, Infinity}, PrincipalValue->True]
> This gives I Pi / 3, which surely can't be right since the answer should
> be real.

Using version 5.0, the result is correct:  -Pi/Sqrt[3] .
What version are you using?


> When doing it numerically, it gives the right answer:
> <<NumericalMath`CauchyPrincipalValue`
> CauchyPrincipalValue[1/(x^3-1), {z, -Infinity, {1}, Infinity}]
> This gives -1.8138 which is the correct answer (it's -Pi/Sqrt[3]).
> Any explanations? Is this a bug or am I missing something?
> Carlo

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