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Re: Conveniently Restarting Notebooks

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  • Subject: [mg51147] Re: [mg51114] Conveniently Restarting Notebooks
  • From: DrBob <drbob at>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 04:34:26 -0400 (EDT)
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I'd really like it if WRI added toolbar buttons to control how many levels of organization are visible, like an Outline view in Word. It's rather annoying opening several levels one at a time, then closing them behind me again. If I don't close them, the benefit David speaks of is lost.


On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 04:36:58 -0400 (EDT), David Park <djmp at> wrote:

> I'm restarting this as a new thread.
> I wonder if you use Sections to organize your notebooks. Although the
> ability to evaluate all cells down to a given selected cell might be useful,
> I think that taking advantage of existing notebook features will work as
> well and even better.
> I personally find the following method convenient. I organize my notebooks
> by Sections. At the top of the notebook I have an Initialization Section
> that loads all necessary packages and does other routine initialization.
> Then I have a Routines Section where I place any general definitions and
> routines I develop along the way. I make both the Initialization and
> Routines Sections initialization cells. (When you first save such a notebook
> say NO to Create AutoSavePackage.)
> With that organization one can usually go to any subsequent Section and
> start evaluating. The initializations will automatically be performed.
> Suppose you have a long Section you have been working on but it is
> incomplete. When you restart the notebook all you have to do is select that
> Section and evaluate. All initializations will be performed and all existing
> cells in that Section will be evaluated and then you can continue with your
> development.
> Sometimes, but hopefully rarely, some Section might depend upon previous
> noninitialization Sections. Then just select the previous Sections along
> with the Section you are working on and evaluate.
> This does leave out the case where you might want to evaluate all cells in a
> Section down to a given cell. But if the Sections are not too long it's not
> that difficult to select the cells you want, or to just evaluate all cells
> in the Section but start reworking at an intermediate point.
> Also, if you use Sectional Grouping I recommend that you always stay with
> the default Automatic Grouping. I have never seen a Manual Grouping notebook
> that was convenient to work with.
> David Park
> djmp at
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> Could also provide a way to select and evaluate all cells from
> current working point to top of a notebook (my personal hobby horse)

DrBob at

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