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RE: table format question

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 02:56:19 -0400 (EDT)
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I use the following code (or variations thereof) to get nicely printed
tables. Define first a function (imprime1) which takes care of the trailing
zeros and all that. Then use StylePrint, Style Box and GridBox, which have
a lot of options to play with:

imprime1[x_] := NumberForm[x, {12, 1}, 
    NumberPadding -> {"", "0"}, DigitBlock -> 3, 
    ExponentFunction -> (Null & )];
Attributes[imprime1] = {Listable}; 

rows = Transpose[{grades, counts, imprime1[pcts]}]; 

    GridBox[{{GridBox[rows, GridFrame -> 2, 
        ColumnLines -> True, RowLines -> True, 
        ColumnAlignments -> {Left, Right, 
          Right}]}}]]], FontFamily -> "Arial", 
  FontSize -> 9]

The GridBox inside the other may be used for table titles or footnotes.

Tomas Garza
Mexico City

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From: Murray Eisenberg murray at
To: mathgroup at
Subject: [mg51488] [mg51433] table format question

I have a table created by the following input:

counts = {25, 10, 14, 10, 13, 12, 3, 6, 10, 8, 68};
papers = Plus @@ counts;
pcts = 100. counts/papers;
grades = {"A ","A-","B+","B ","B-","C+","C ","C-","D+","D ","F "}; 
      {grades, counts, NumberForm[#, {4, 1}] & /@ pcts}],
      TableHeadings -> {None, {"Grade", "Number", "Per Cent"}}]

1. How can I get a 0 to display after the decimal point in the last 
column's first and last rows?  (I tried to wrap the entire thing with an 
obvious PaddedForm expression, but that had the unfortunate effect of 
giving me decimals in the 2nd column, which should be integers without 
any decimal point or trailing decimal places whatsoever.)

2. How can I get the numbers in columns 2 and three to be 
right-justified?  (I tried TableAlignments but that didn't seem to do it.)

Murray Eisenberg                     murray at
Mathematics & Statistics Dept.
Lederle Graduate Research Tower      phone 413 549-1020 (H)
University of Massachusetts                413 545-2859 (W)
710 North Pleasant Street            fax   413 545-1801
Amherst, MA 01003-9305

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