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Re: New unary operator

Hi Jason,
There is already some built in meaning for SuperDagger. You only need do 
define the operator, like:


 From then on, when you write a Dagger as a superscript, the argument 
will be wrapped into Transpose[Conjugate[..]] and eventually processed.
Note that it only works if the dagger is a superscript.


\!\({{1, 2}, {3, 4}}\^?\)
{{1, 3}, {2, 4}}

Sincerely, Daniel

jason.lee.quinn at wrote:
> I'm trying to get mathematica to define the dagger operation of quantum
> mechanics, which stands for the conjugate transpose. I've been
> attempting it using
> Notation[u_^\[Dagger] <==> Transpose[Conjugate[u_]]]
> but it doesn't seem to do it. I'm entering the Notation with the
> Notations Pallete.
> Any ideas?
> Jason

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