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Re: Re: Re: odd mathematica blindspot

> >In[1]:= Off[Solve::ifun];
> >
> >In[2]:= sol[a_, b_] := Solve[a^x == b, x]
> >
> >In[3]:= sol[(9999999999/10000000000), .5]
> >
> >Out[3]= {]
> You really ought to lean how to cut-and-paste or otherwise copy 
> correctly. This is at least the second typo in a handful of posts, and 
> the last caused no end of confusion becasue you claimed no solution for 
> a problem that manifestly gave a solution.

well, I disagree - the original message:


	Solve[(9999999999/10000000000)^x == .5, x]

which has no solution. In responses, people automatically substituted .5 
for 1/2, and hence got solutions.

I do apologize in retrospect for the typos though - unfortunately I'm
in an environment where mathematica is on one machine (windows) and 
my email is on another (solaris). Hence, no cut and paste, and a bunch of 

Anyways, thanks for the difference between ':=' and '=' - that's another thing
that is exceedingly nice to know.

I'm *still* wanting a quick mathematica cheat sheet that describes all of 
the ins and outs of Mathematica's syntax though - the integrated help that comes
with it does not focus on datastructure interaction *at all* - it just gives
bits and pieces of it, and IMO not nearly enough examples...


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