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Re: Re: Types in Mathematica thread

On 7 Dec 2005, at 13:12, Jon Harrop wrote:

>   RealQ[_Real] := True
>   RealQ[_] := False
> for equivalence with the Head test "_Real", rather than the  
> mathematical
> concept of a real number.

Of course this is not fool-proof:

  RealQ[_Real] := True
   RealQ[_] := False

x=Real["I am not a number"];



One can, of course deal, with such perversity by:

  RealQ[x_Real] /; AtomQ[x] == True := True
   RealQ[_] := False


RealQ[x_Real] /; InexactNumberQ[x] == True := True
   RealQ[_] := False

Andrzej Kozlowski

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