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color points in TableForm

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  • Subject: [mg63000] color points in TableForm
  • From: Clifford Martin <camartin at>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 06:03:16 -0500 (EST)
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  Below I've appended a portion of code that works fine. I've not put in  the plotpoints function because it isn't important for my question.  Notice that the color of each regression line is set by the iterator i  as it cycles through myList. What I'd like is to add a third column in  the table generated by the TableForm in the yearvsrsquarreg  function  that gives the color (it could be a point or whatever)  associated with that years regression line. So for example, the first  cycle through myList the regression line has a color of Hue[.15] and  I'd like the first entry in the TableForm to have a dot in the third  column that gives Hue[.15].  I've tried wrapping PrintStyle around  the TableForm function and iterating on Hue as before but I can't seem  to make it work. Any help would be appreciated.
  plotregresequations = Table[Plot[hiho[[i,3]], {x, 0,  Ceiling[Max[myList[[i]]]]}, PlotStyle -> {Hue[0.15*i],  Thickness[0.002]}, 
       DisplayFunction -> Identity], {i, 1, Length[myList]}]; 
  funnylist = Table[splacct[[i,1]][[15,1]], {i, 1, Length[splacct]}]; 
  colrsquar = hiho[[All,1]]; 
  yearvsrsquarreg = TableForm[Transpose[{funnylist, colrsquar}], TableHeadings -> {None, {"Year", "R Squared"}}]; 
  Show[plotpoints, plotregresequations, DisplayFunction ->  $DisplayFunction, AxesLabel -> {"Heat Load Factor", "Fuel Use  Factor"}, 
     PlotLabel -> FontForm[lable, {"Arial-Bold", 14}], ImageSize -> 700]; 

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