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opening groups under program control/ error handling

When running a large notebook via Kernel->Evaluation->Evaluate
Notebook, it is convenient to leave the cells closed, hiding the
details... untill something goes wrong. I would like to be able to have
the notebook open its own cell groups and optionally stop further
execution when a condition occurs.

Let us say code is executing in a cell which is inside multiply-nested
cell groups and my code detects a problem. It calls my routine
openParentGroups[], and it opens all the parents/ancestor cell groups
of the current cell. An Abort[] can then be called.


1) I can move around with (eg) SelectionMove[nb, Previous, CellGroup],
but I don't want Previous so much as Parent; no such direction
specification exists. Combinations of All and Previous do not seem
helpfull. How can I expand SelectionMove to effectively include
direction specification Parent?

2) Even when I have set the selection to a cell I wish to open, neither
FrontEndExecute[FrontEnd`SetOptions[NotebookSelection[nb], CellOpen ->
SetOptions[NotebookSelection[nb], CellOpen -> True]
seems to do anything. What Am I missing?

3) How could I attach this code to the built-in function Message, so
that my routine is invoked immediately after Mathematica issues a
message? I would also need to be able to unattach it.

Thanks in advance...

Peter Dickof

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