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Re: Monte Carlo status indicator

Here's how I do it:

nb = NotebookCreate[WindowSize -> {400, 150} ];
NotebookWrite[nb, Cell["Working on interation", "Text"]]
     NotebookWrite[nb, i, All];
     Pause[.1i], (* your code here instead of Pause *)
     {i, 10}];


plizak wrote:
> I want to somehow display how far I am in a MC simulation.
> I could just print the iterating variable in my for loop, but then this
> just outputs waaaaaaay too many lines cluttering the output.  Is there
> a way to Print overtop a line (i.e. replace a line of output)?
> or maybe a plot that slowly changes to make a pretty display?
> Cheers and thanks,
> Peter

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