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Re: Mathematica and Visual basic

Dear Mr.Kevin Leuthold.
How Could I get "Max.DLL" file to connect Mathematica with Visual
Basic 6.
Please reply to me by vhien3000 at or ht_httl09 at .
Thank you very much!

On 9 Jan 1998 08:55:46 GMT, Kevin Leuthold wrote:
>One place to look is in the MathLink Developers Kit (for Mathematica 
>3.0).  There is an example there of a sample Visual Basic program
>acts as a front end to the Mathematica Kernel via MathLink.  You can
>find  it in
>Kevin Leuthold
>Wolfram Research
>In article <68s8nd$5r4 at>, rbrasta at
>> Where might I find resources to link a GUI created in Visual Basic
>> (version 5.0) to the Mathematica kernel? I would like the user to
>> able to enter input into the front-end created by Visual Basic,
>> the front-end call the Mathematica kernel to perform calculations
>> then return the answer to the front-end. Is there a way to expose
>> Mathematica's object library via OLE?
>>                                                 Thanks
>>                                                 Richard Bryant
rbrasta at

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