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Re: Function Show[]

On 1/8/05 at 2:39 AM, mo.wichert at (Moreno Wichert)

>I've just plotted some atomic orbitals from the hydrogen atom. Now,
>for the p-orbital I have a positive and a negative function and I
>combine this functions for a plot using the command Show[]. So my
>problem is, that I want different colors for the negative and the
>positive function but when I use Show[], Mathematica plots only one
>color for both functions. How can I define different colors in the
>command Show[]?

Simply set the color of each in the individual plots then let Show combine them. For example the following plots a series of points in black with a line in red

    {$DisplayFunction = Identity}, 
    {ListPlot[Table[n + Random[] - 0.5, n, 10}]],
     Plot[x, {x, 0, 10}, PlotStyle -> Hue[0]]}]]; 
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