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Matrix Problem

       I face a problem to get (3xn) matrix data.  Here I am giving a
simple example.

        data = Table[{Sin[x], Cos[y], Sin[x] Cos[y]}, {x, 0, 3, 1},
{y, 0, 2, 1}];

 It prints a (4x3) block matrix.

Could anybody tell me how shall I get only 3 column matrix like
following matrix ?

        Sin[0]          Cos[0]             Sin[0] Cos[0]
        Sin[1]          Cos[0]             Sin[1] Cos[0]
        Sin[2]          Cos[0]             Sin[2] Cos[0]
        Sin[3]          Cos[0]             Sin[3] Cos[0]
        Sin[0]          Cos[1]             Sin[0] Cos[1]
        Sin[1]          Cos[1]             Sin[1] Cos[1]
        Sin[2]          Cos[1]             Sin[2] Cos[1]
        Sin[3]          Cos[1]             Sin[3] Cos[1]
        Sin[0]          Cos[2]             Sin[0] Cos[2]
        Sin[1]          Cos[2]             Sin[1] Cos[2]
        Sin[2]          Cos[2]             Sin[2] Cos[2]
        Sin[3]          Cos[2]             Sin[3] Cos[2]



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