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Re: Notebook Style problems?

I'm working on WinXP and noticed the same behavior for the
PaperOrientation property. So if it is not OS dependent  someone at
WRI should notice and fix this  ....
I cannot comment for item 2 since I never had such problems. On my
systems it functions perfectly.

On 7/16/05, AES <siegman at> wrote:
> I have a Mathematica 5.1 notebook, running under Mac OS 10.3.9 and using
> the default style sheet, that's not cooperating, and I don't understand
> why.
> 1)  I keep setting the File >> Printing Settings >> Page Setup setting
> for this notebook to landscape rather than portrait, but this setting
> doesn't stick -- it reverts to portrait -- every time I Save + Close,
> and then Open again.
> Shouldn't this setting stick?  (as is the case with every other kind of
> Mac document I know of)  Or do I have to Import a Private Copy on the
> style sheet?  (except I just tried that, and it doesn't seem to make
> this setting stick either)
> 2)  I want to set the font size for the Subsubsection prototype to 14
> point Helvetica.  It seems to have gotten permanently set to 18 point --
> larger than the Subsection font size! --perhaps as a result of my
> earlier editing attempts.
> Editing the style sheet, selecting Prototype for Subsubsection, and
> using Option Inspector to find FontSize shows 18 as the size it's set to
> and only offers . . . , 10, 12, 18, 24 . . . in the drop down menu.  I
> can select the "18" shown as the current setting and type 14 -- or
> select 12 from the drop down menu, but neither of them stick when I
> click elsewhere in the window.
> How do I make this change?

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