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How to simplify an expression in version 5


I'm trying to simplify the expression that comes out of the
FourierTrigSeries function, and I've tried 'Simplify', 'Collect' and
'Factor' but no luck.  My input is as follows:

<< Calculus`FourierTransform`
FourierTrigSeries[Cos[t], t, 5, FourierParameters -> {0, 1/Pi}]

And the output is:

\!\(\(2\/\@\[Pi] + \(4\ Cos[2\ t]\)\/\(3\ \@\[Pi]\) - \(4\ Cos[4\
t]\)\/\(15\ \
\@\[Pi]\) + \(4\ Cos[6\ t]\)\/\(35\ \@\[Pi]\) - \(4\ Cos[8\ t]\)\/\(63\
\[Pi]\) + \(4\ Cos[10\ t]\)\/\(99\ \@\[Pi]\)\)\/\@\[Pi]\)

That's rather horrid looking in ascii, so I'll try to make something
more readable:

(2/Sqrt(Pi) + 4Cos(2t)/3Sqrt(Pi) - 4Cos(4t)/15Sqrt(Pi) + ... )

Now the Sqrt(Pi) in the denominator could be 'brought up' into the
terms in the numerator to give:

(2/Pi + 4Cos(2t)/3Pi - 4Cos(4t)/15Pi + ... )

Much more elegant!  Anyone know if MM can do this?


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