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Re: Re: making an animated picture from many pictures

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  • Subject: [mg57566] Re: [mg57528] Re: [mg57502] making an animated picture from many pictures
  • From: Pratik Desai <pdesai1 at>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 06:02:13 -0400 (EDT)
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David Park wrote:

>Here is an example.
>frame[phase_] :=
>  Plot[Sin[t + phase], {t, 0, 2Pi},
>    Frame -> True]
>Animate[frame[phase], {phase, 0, 2Pi - 2Pi/40, 2Pi/40}]
>SelectionMove[EvaluationNotebook[], All, GeneratedCell]
>FrontEndTokenExecute["OpenCloseGroup"]; Pause[0.5];
>FrontEndExecute[{FrontEnd`SelectionAnimate[200, AnimationDisplayTime -> 0.1,
>      AnimationDirection -> Forward]}]
>You could have used Table instead of Animate, but it is worthwhile getting
>to know the Animation package.
>Although it wasn't necessary in this example, generally when making
>animations you will need to include a PlotRange option to make certain that
>all frames use the same plot range.
>The statements after the Animate statement select all the generated graphics
>cells, close them up, and start the animation. You do see the cells as they
>are first being generated but I don't find that objectional. In fact I like
>to see them because if the cells are complex and take some time, I want to
>know that the graphics are working as I intended and I can abort the
>animation if they aren't.
>If you use DrawGraphics package from my web site, the statements are on the
>DrawGraphics palette and can simply be clicked in.
>David Park
>djmp at
>From: Guy Israeli [mailto:guyi1 at]
To: mathgroup at
>How do I create one image that is animated from many other images without
>displays all of them and double clicking on one of them?
A related question
How do you automatically pause the animation after one cycle
t =0 to 2*pi

Also if you have complex functions is it possible to plot the magnitude 
and phase together and animate

lamda={-0.3331650057325463 - 3.1662410948948874*I,
-0.3331650057325463 + 3.1662410948948874*I,
-0.4590555619739296 - 6.232750821142238*I,
-0.4590555619739296 + 6.232750821142238*I,
-0.04711742781559086 + 9.418500468421371*I,
-0.04711742781559087 - 9.418500468421371*I}


Pratik Desai
Graduate Student
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 410 455 8134

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