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Re: Zero Padding and ColumnAlignments in Version 5.1

Hi Kevin,
"ColumnAlignments" is unfortunately no option of "TableForm". Read the 
help carefully. It is an option of "GridBox". Here is an example how you 
would format a 2-dim table of data with 3 digits aligned at the dcimal 

GridBox[Map[NumberForm[#, 3] &, data, {2}], ColumnAlignments -> "."] //

further info:
Mathematica version 5.1 book 2.9.11 Adjusting Details of Formatting

Kevin J. McCann wrote:
> I am trying to print a table of numbers with a large range. I would like 
> 4 place accuracy and to have columns aligned on the decimal point. I 
> tried TableForm, which does most of this, the option 
> ColumnAlignments->{".","."} is referred to in the documentation for 5.1, 
> but seems to have no effect. Neither does ColumnAlignments->Right or 
> Left. Any help would be appreciated.
> I have looked for a solution to this in the archive, but only found 
> reference to the problem, not a solution.
> Kevin

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