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I am trying, a simple task in webMatematica
print some strings in color
it seems to fail
the code I am using works in the notebook but not in the web page

numberOfCurves = 7; 
  m11 = 10; 
  y = Table[aa*x + 20, 
    {aa, m11/numberOfCurves, 
     m11, m11/numberOfCurves}]
  ps = Table[{Hue[Random[]], 
     Thickness[0.005]}, {i, 1, numberOfCurves}]
  Print["The equations are:"]; 
  For[j = 1, j <= numberOfCurves, j++, 
    a = ToString[y[[j]]]; 
    q = StyleForm[StringJoin["y = ", a],FontColor -> ps[[j,1]]]; 

Any clues?

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