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Re: Simplfying inside Sqrt


Have you tried applying rules? Something like:


x Sqrt[1 + x ]

Carl Woll

<billkavanagh at> wrote in message news:d0u7bj$kph$1 at
> Hi
> I'm wondering how to tell mathematica that I want terms like
> Sqrt[x^2+x^4] to be x*Sqrt[1+x^2].   I have an expression with a few
> terms like this in it so manually inserting a
> PowerExpand[Sqrt[Expand[x^2+x^4]] is no good to me.
> I've tried a general PowerExpand and Simplify with a Im[x]==0 around
> the whole expression but with no luck.
> Does anybody know how to do this?
> Thanks,
> Bill
> --
> William R. Kavanagh

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