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Re: GridLines

Thanks to help from several people, I have this working, which gives light blue grid lines.
LightBlue can be any of the hundreds of named colors, or any of the other color specs.

 Show [ grlin, grver, grint, tex1,
  	   Frame -> True,
  	   ImageSize -> 500,
  	   Background -> Linen,
  	   GridLines -> { Table[{i, {LightBlue}}, {i, -10, 10}],    (* Vert. grid lines *)
      			Table[{i, {LightBlue}}, {i, -20, 20}]},   (* Hori. grid lines *)
  	   AspectRatio -> Automatic
          ] ;                                      (*  Later displayed items hide earlier ones.*)
The args to Show are various things of the Graphics[ ] type.

Steve Gray

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