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Re: bug in series expansion routines.

In article <d193sk$nnb$1 at>,
 Richard Fateman <fateman at> wrote:

> Series[BesselJ[0, x], {x, 2.404, 10}]
> gives an error about illegal series composition, which
> is inappropriate, since using 2404/1000 in there
> produces a series.
> My guess is that this bug could be exhibited in
> many ways.
> version 5.0

No error in version 5.1.  Also, since it appears that are expanding 
BesselJ[0, x] about its first zero, j0, perhaps

  Simplify[Series[BesselJ[0, x]/BesselJ[1, j0], {x, j0, 5}] /. 
    BesselJ[0, j0] -> 0]

is more useful.


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