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Re: Re: J/Link problem on Mac OS X

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  • Subject: [mg55300] Re: [mg55247] Re: [mg55204] J/Link problem on Mac OS X
  • From: Mike Honeychurch <M.Honeychurch at>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 05:35:07 -0500 (EST)
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I'm afraid this is incorrect.

I invite anyone reading this posting to download JLink_3.0.2_OSX.tgz,
decompress it and check the version number of Jlink. Unless this has been
changed since my original post you will see that it is version 3.0.1

(notwithstanding that JLink`Information`$Version returns "J/Link version
3.0.2" when this package is installed.)

In =System`Private`FindFile["JLink`"]

Bottom line is that this package does not allow J/Link to work on my Mac
(Mathematica V5.1, G4 Mac running OS X 10.3.8). No examples in the J/Link help
reference or GUI kit help reference work with this newly installed package.
I suggest that whatever gets read to return J/Link version 3.0.2 is not the
actual Jlink application but perhaps some other information file in the

(the release notes file is also rather strange:

Heading: J/Link 3.0.1 Release Notes
 next line: Welcome to J/Link, version 3.0.2.)

Mathematica Version 5.0 JLink works fine on my computer.
In = InstallJava[]
Out =LinkObject[/Applications/Mathematica
\, 2, 2]

Whereas on Version 5.1 I get:
InstallJava::uifail: The separate Java user-interface link could not be
InstallJava::fail: A link to the Java runtime could not be established.
Out= $Failed



On 18/3/05 4:50 AM, "Todd Gayley" <tgayley at> wrote:

> At 02:30 AM 3/17/2005, Mike Honeychurch wrote:
>> I went to the WRI website and did a search and found a download page:
>>> From there I downloaded:
>> JLink_3.0.2_OSX.tgz
>> Installed it but the problem remains. I then checked the version and it is
>> 3.0.1 despite the download page and the download file stating that it is
>> 3.0.2!!!
>> So where do we find this mysterious 3.0.2?
> Mike,
> The version on the download page is indeed 3.0.2. It sounds like you didn't
> install the new version correctly. You need to replace the JLink directory
> in the Mathematica layout with the new one you downloaded. To do this,
> control-click on your Mathematica 5.1 icon and select "Show Package
> Contents" from the popup menu. In the folder window that opens, you will
> see an AddOns folder. Drag the new JLink folder into the AddOns folder and
> say OK to the prompt that asks whether you want to overwrite the existing
> folder of the same name.
> You can test the version of J/Link you are getting by evaluating:
>    <<JLink`
>    JLink`Information`$Version
> A trick to see the location from which J/Link (or any other package) is
> being loaded is to use:
>    System`Private`FindFile["JLink`"]
> Todd Gayley
> Wolfram Research

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