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Re: Re: J/Link problem on Mac OS X


I'm referring to the version number of the application, i.e.

When you click on "get info" you find that the file was created on 26th Feb
and the version is J/Link version 3.0.1 copyright 2004 Wolfram Research Inc.

So while the package says version 3.0.2 the actual J/Link application within
the package says 3.0.1

By the way if this really is a Mac OS X problem how come I can run J/Link
applications using version 5 on the same computer that I cannot run J/Link
applications using version 5.1?



On 18/3/05 7:10 PM, "Todd Gayley" <tgayley at> wrote:

> At 05:23 PM 3/17/2005, Mike Honeychurch wrote:
>> Todd,
>> I'm afraid this is incorrect.
>> I invite anyone reading this posting to download JLink_3.0.2_OSX.tgz,
>> decompress it and check the version number of Jlink. Unless this has been
>> changed since my original post you will see that it is version 3.0.1
>> (notwithstanding that JLink`Information`$Version returns "J/Link version
>> 3.0.2" when this package is installed.)
> Mike,
> JLink`Information`$Version _is_ the correct way to get the version number.
> I'm curious as to why you think this isn't version 3.0.2 despite that. If
> it's the line in the Release Notes, well that is, er, a typo.
>> In =System`Private`FindFile["JLink`"]
>> Out=/Applications/Mathematica
>> Bottom line is that this package does not allow J/Link to work on my Mac
>> (Mathematica V5.1, G4 Mac running OS X 10.3.8). No examples in the J/Link help
>> reference or GUI kit help reference work with this newly installed package.
>> I suggest that whatever gets read to return J/Link version 3.0.2 is not the
>> actual Jlink application but perhaps some other information file in the
>> package.
>> (the release notes file is also rather strange:
>> Heading: J/Link 3.0.1 Release Notes
>>  next line: Welcome to J/Link, version 3.0.2.)
> If you indeed have installed 3.0.2 correctly and still see the problem,
> then perhaps the original bug is more complex than we realized. I will send
> you separately some tests to try to help us figure out what is going on. I
> invite others with Mac OS/X 10.3.8 who cannot get InstallJava[] to work in
> Mathematica 5.1 to contact support at to let us know whether the
> 3.0.2 version did or did not fix the problem for you.
> Todd Gayley
> Wolfram Research

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