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NMinimize Strange Results

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  • Subject: [mg55502] NMinimize Strange Results
  • From: "Marcelo Mayall" <mmayall at>
  • Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 02:39:40 -0500 (EST)
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NMinimize Strange Results:

It's always interesting to reduce the amount of times that a certain
function needs to be executed along an optimization process.

However, after doing some optimization tests, I observed that small changes
in the input parameters syntax of the NMinimize function took to a
substantial increase of the processing time and until then, I still
didn't understand perfectly what is happening.

My impression is that in some occasions although defining the option
"PostProcess" as False, internally the function NMinimize continues
doing local optimizations ("PostProcess" -> True). And in some cases
with restrictions, the impression that I had is that the function
NMinimize executes 2 times the objective function to find the value
of the penalty ("PenaltyFunction"), reducing so the performance of the code.

Below, I put some simple cases that exemplify such situations.

Does anybody have any idea of what is going on?

The function f[x] below is defined in such a way that the counter "i"
counts how many times f[x] was executed. And the counter "j" counts
how many times the NMinimize EvaluationMonitor indicates that it
executed the function f[x]. If we consider the simple case of minimization
by a genetic algorithm without pos-processing:  
in[1]:= f[x_?NumericQ]:=(i++;x^2)  
in[2]:= i=0;j=0;  
NMinimize[ f[x] , x ,  
Print[i, "   ", j];  
out[2]:=  511    511  
Correctly it's observed that, as for the counter "i" as for the counter
"j", the function f[x] was called 511 times. However, introducing a simple
restriction a strange result is verified:  
in[3]:= i=0;j=0;  
NMinimize[{ f[x] , x > -1000 }, x ,  
Print[i, "   ", j];  
out[3]:=    1752    511  
Similarly, introducing "f[{x}]":  
in[4]:= Remove[f]  
f[{x_?NumericQ}] := (i++; x^2)  
NMinimize[ f[{x}] , x ,    
Print[i, "   ", j];  
out[4]:=    1022    511  
In other words, while the function NMinimize indicates that f[x] was
executed only 511 times the counter "i" indicates that the function f[x]
was executed a lot more (1752 and 1022 times).

Any Ideas?

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