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Re: Detailed implementation of Contour Algorithm

"Ryan Tibshirani" <ryantibs at> wrote in message 
news:d234bq$lhv$1 at
> Hello everybody-
> I was wondering if somebody could point me towards implementation
> details of Mathematica's ListContourPlot and ContourPlot3D functions.
> Thanks
> Ryan


The actual implementation of ContourPlot3D can be found in the 
Graphics`ContourPlot3D` package. The Help section of ContourPlot3D states:
ContourPlot3D works by dividing the three-dimensional space into cubes and 
deciding if the surface intersects each cube. If the surface does intersect 
a cube, ContourPlot3D will subdivide this cube further,and so on.

On the other hand, ListContourPlot is a built-in function, and so you won't 
be able to examine a package to find its implementation.

Carl Woll 

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