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Re: Problems with eps format

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  • Subject: [mg56702] Re: [mg56673] Problems with eps format
  • From: Ted Sariyski <tsariysk at>
  • Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 00:33:26 -0400 (EDT)
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'PostScript document text conforming at level 3.0 - type EPS' files are generated from another application. When I try to import them I got "Invalid file format". That's why I converted the files to a format I was able to import.  Actually that's one of my questions: Why I'm able to import eps level 2 but unable to import eps level 3 into Mathematica?
Thanks, Ted

Chris Chiasson wrote:

>Why import a tif into Mathematica and then export it as an eps? Tif is
>a raster format, eps is a ~ vector format. It probably would take a
>long time to convert an array of color values into some sort of vector
>What is the native resolution of your tiffs? If they are moderate in
>size, that would explain the slow performance of the graphics array
>and associated statements.
>On 5/3/05, Ted Sariyski <tsariysk at> wrote:
>>I have problems with eps format in Mathematica 5.1.
>>If I try to import a file generated from Octave I get "Invalid file
>>format". The format of the file is  "PostScript document text conforming
>>at level 3.0 - type EPS". If I import a tif file to Mathematica, export
>>it in eps and reimport it back it works but very slow. The format of the
>>eps generated from Mathematica is "PostScript document text conforming
>>at level 2.0 - type EPS". What I'm doing wrong here?
>>Another question I have concerns the dumb script below.
>>g11 = Import["c_s_a.tif"];
>>g12 = Import["c_s_b.tif"];
>>g43 = Import["a_l_a.tif"];
>>g = GraphicsArray[{{g11, g12, g13}, {g21, g22, g23}, {g31, g32, g33},
>>{g41, g42, g43}}];
>>Show[g, {ImageSize -> {600, 420}, AspectRatio -> Automatic}];
>>Export["array.tif", g];
>>Q1. Export["array.tif", g] takes ~ 20 sec. If I change it to
>>Export["array.eps", g] it takes ~3 min.
>>Q2. The same script executed from a notebook freezes.
>>Q3. How to write the script so that to be able to provide the file names
>>as arguments?
>>Thanks in advance,

Ted Sariyski
Combustion Research and Flow Technology, Inc.
6210 Keller's Church Road
Pipersville, PA 18947
Tel: 215-766-1520
Fax: 215-766-1524
tsariysk at

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