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Re: Simplifying Log to ArcCos Expressions

In article <d5kapv$299$1 at>,
 "David Park" <djmp at> wrote:

> I want to integrate the following expression and get a simple answer.
> expr1 = (k/r^2)*(1/Sqrt[1 - k^2/r^2])
> The answer is actually quite simple: ArcCos[k/r] + constant. But what a lot 
> of work for me to get it! Perhaps someone can show a simpler path. (I'm 
> working with Version 5.0.1.)

Why not do what you would do by hand? That is, change variables:

[1] k is a constant.

  Dt[k] ^= 0; 

[2] Change variables r -> k/Cos[t]:

  (k/r^2) (1/Sqrt[1 - k^2/r^2]) Dt[r] /. r -> k/Cos[t]

and simplify.

  Simplify[%, 0 < t < Pi/2]

[3] Solve for t as a function of k and r.

  Solve[r Cos[t] == k, t]


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