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Re: Plotting g(x,y) along contour of f(x,y)

There appear to be two solutions for y. You might wish to use contour
plot instead of implicit plot. If you supply the values of u that you
would like to use, people might be able to help you with the plotting.

phi==0.36 (y-0.1 Cos[x])^2+(-Sin[x]+0.06 (y-0.1 Cos[x]) Sin[x])^2}

On 5/16/05, Niels L. Ellegaard <gnalle at> wrote:
> Dear great masters
> I have two functions u(x,y) and phi(x,y) defined by
> u = Cos[x] + 0.3*(y-0.1*Cos[x])^2;
> phi=0.36 (y - 0.1 Cos[x])^2  + (-Sin[x] + 0.06 (y - 0.1 Cos[x]) Sin[x])^2;
> For some limited parameterinterval I can invert u with respect to y to
> get a function yy(x,uu) fulfilling
> u(x,yy(x,u)) = u(x,y)
> I would like to choose 3 values of u and draw graphs of
> phi(x,yy(x,u)). I have a feeling that I should use implicitplot to do
> this, but I am stuck and I would be grateful for a few hints.
>                         Thanks in advance
>                                 Niels

Chris Chiasson
1 (810) 265-3161

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