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Re: Sorting nested list

On 5/24/05 at 5:12 AM, pfannerg at (Gernot Pfanner)

>Please forgive me, if this is the 100.000th posting concerning
>sorting a list. But at the moment I'm pretty confused, and so I ask
>you kindly for your help... Given something like
>{{a,{2,4,1.,...}},{b,{3.2,-2,...}}} How do I sort just the inner
>lists (i.e. e.g. {2,4,1.,...}), so that my object finally looks
>like {{a,{1.,2,4.,...}},{b,{-2,3.2,...}}} In this spirit With
>thanks in advance Yours Gernot

I would do this as follows:

{First@#, Sort@Last@#}&/@list

where list contains the data you describe.
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