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Re: GraphicsArray ---> DisplayTogether?

You would probably get a better response if you posted code that would
actually evaluate so we could more easily get a picture of your problem.

In any case, you can probably handle this by using one or more Rectangles on
a larger sheet of paper. The third argument of a Rectangle allows you to put
a piece of graphics in the Rectangle. You could place and size the
Rectangles to suit your needs. You can also use the space outside the
Rectangles to add additional text using Text statements.

David Park
djmp at

From: Seung Lim [mailto:selim50 at]
To: mathgroup at

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to modify the following code so that a square shaped "tp"
will be displayed on top
and 3 x 2 array of listplots below.  I've been able to do so using
GraphicsArray, however, it doesn't quite work out as i want it to since
using GraphicsArray allocates the same dimension of space for both top
and bottom part which creates lots of empty space on top and bottom of
my 3 x 2 signal output listplots.  To make it clear, I'm trying to get
a 500 x 500 "tp" on top and 700 x 350 "sigOut" on bottom.  Can anyone
help me how I can use displayTogether or any other tricks?

Thanks very much in advance ^____^

      array1 =
        x/2) - 5Hump[mm, 5, 3]),
             mm, .4, y/2, (mm/3 + 3), (3 -
                    Hump[mm, 5, 2]), Hump[mm, 7, 4]]], {x, 1, 8}, {y,
1, 8}];

      tp = Table[
          {{Hue[.7 - (aval*.85), .6, Min[bval, 1]], Rectangle[{(a -
                  1)/rows, (b - 1)/cols}, {-a/rows,
          b/rows}]}, Text}, {a, 1, 8}, {b, 1, 8}];

      sigOutput1 = ListPlot[  ];
      sigOutput2 = ListPlot[  ];
      sigOutput3 = ListPlot[  ];
      sigOutput4 = ListPlot[  ];
      sigOutput5 = ListPlot[  ];
      sigOutput6 = ListPlot[  ];
      sigOut = GraphicsArray[{{sigOutput1, sigOutput2, sigOutput3}, \
{sigOutput4, sigOutput5, sigOutput6}}, GraphicsSpacing -> .1,
      AspectRatio -> 0.4];

      tpp = Graphics[tp, FormatType ->  TraditionalForm,
      AspectRatio -> 1, ImageSize -> 500];

      Show[GraphicsArray[{{tpp}, {sigOut}}, GraphicsSpacing -> .2

          ], ImageSize -> 700];
      }, {mm, 3, 10, 1}];

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