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Re: Re: How to View Mathematica and Hardcopy Books

If I saw a good GUI Mathematica debugger I might like it. But in the
meantime I have to do a lot of debugging because I make a lot of mistakes. I
find it quite easy to simply insert Print statements in the code to see
intermediate results. That usually exposes the location of the problem very

I don't find Trace all that useful because the output is too complex and it
is difficult to tailor it.

And of course it helps to test out pieces of mathematical manipulation
before assembling them into a routine.

David Park
djmp at

From: Nasser Abbasi [mailto:nma at]
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"David Park" <djmp at> wrote in message
news:dls5ig$qn1$1 at
> Mathematica is much more shaped by what makes things convenient for
> users, than it is by computer science.

I am a user, and it is very convenient for me to have a good and easy
to use GUI debugger. But Mathematica seems to have ignored this very
simple fact which is critical in the real world use.

Debugging Mathematica code is a pain and not convenient for many
users, so any chance of a good GUI based debugger being added to V 6.0
of Mathematica?


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