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RE: Plot with 10E10 instead of 1*10E10


If you try the DrawGraphics package at my web site below and look under the
DrawGraphics Help Examples, Log Plots & Bode Plots, you will see an example
that uses CustomTicks and a formatting function to precisely specify the
labeling of the ticks.

Also be aware that there is a serious bug in the Mathematica LogLogPlot if
you are plotting curves over more than several decades. The overall point
sampling algorithm incorrectly follows a linear and not a log scale. As a
result points at the low end of the domain are seriously undersampled
leading to an incorrect curve.

The DrawGraphics example shows how to correct that.

David Park
djmp at

From: Antonio Cardoso [mailto:acardoso at]
To: mathgroup at


I'm trying to make a LogLogPlot with, for example, 10E10 instead of 1*10E10
on the axes. Can someone help me about that?


Antonio Cardoso

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