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Re: Axes with arrowheads !?

Use the Arrow package with Plot. You need to load the package first

<< Graphics`Arrow`

The strategy is to first plot your function and then use FullOptions to
extract the PlotRange that Plot uses to draw the axes. One can use that
data to contruct arrows that are aligned along the axes. Here is an

Block[{$DisplayFunction = Identity}, plt = Plot[Cos[
      x], {x, -2, 4}, PlotRange -> {-1, 1.5}];
  xArrow = (PlotRange /. FullOptions[plt])[[1]] /. {xmin_, xmax_} ->
Arrow[{xmin, 0}, {xmax, 0}];
  yArrow = (PlotRange /. FullOptions[plt])[[ 2]] /. {ymin_, ymax_} ->
Arrow[{0, ymin}, {0, ymax}];]
Show[plt, Epilog -> {xArrow, yArrow}]

Hope this helps,



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