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Re: For Loop problem


lst = Table[i, {i, 2040, 2060}];

If[# > 2048, # - 2048, # + 2048] & /@ lst

and the loop is gone .



"Rob" <rob at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
news:e1cup6$emo$1 at
| I've got to manipulate some signed 12bit integer 
numbers from a file and
| apparently Mathematica only handles 8 and 16 bit 
signed numbers
| (probably for a very good reason). So I bring 
them in as 16 bits (and
| they're stored that way with a leading zero 
nibble) and then I have to
| do the following to make sense of them.  I 
really don't know why this
| code works but it does.
| For[i = 1, i < Length[y], i++, If[y[[i]] > 2048, 
y[[i]] =
|     y[[i]] - 2048, y[[i]] = y[[i]] + 2048]];
| So to my question: once again I had to resort to 
a For loop to pull this
| off and I know this is a no-no.  But I'm so 
clueless about Mathematica
| that I've never come up with a more 
sophisticated method after a year or
| so of thinking about it. Can someone help (as 
they usually can)?
| Thanks, Rob

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