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Accessing Mathematica on a remote server from java

[This post has been delayed due to email problems - moderator]

I have a java code which is using the mathematica kernel on my machine 
to perform computations, i generate the mathematica statements in the 
code send and recieve expressions from the mathmatica kernel through 
mathlink commands.I'd like to know if there's a way i can do this with 
the mathematica copy installed in another machine/server.Ultimately we 
dont want to the user to have mathematica on his/her machine to run this 
java program, he/she should be able to use the mathematica installed in 
our server.Our group also has a licensed version of webMathematica 
Amateur but i dont know if that will solve my purpose.
Plz help!
Thanks in advance

Pradeep Suresh
Purdue University

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