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Re: MeanTest Function not Working

MeanTest is in the HypothesisTests package.  The syntax is MeanTest[{... 
numbers ...}, mu0] where mu0 is the assumed mean value for the null 
hypothesis.  It looks like you left out mu0.

Darren Glosemeyer
Wolfram Research

At 05:24 AM 8/2/2006 -0400, Gregory Lypny wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I've loaded the HypothesisTests package.  The MeanDifferenceTest
>function works fine, but not the MeanTest.  Mathematica doesn't seem
>to recognize it, and simply returns the name of the function and the
>data series as MeanTest[{... numbers ...}].  Is the MeanTest an
>obsolete function or am I doing something wrong?
>         Gregory

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