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Using Map with function that has options...

I have several expressions I whant to convert to string and then
concatenate togheter to create a message to be sent to the standard
output and written on a text log file. To avoid manually appliyng
ToString to each of them, I'm using something like:

myMessage = StringJoin@@Map[ToString,{expr1,expr2,expr3,...,exprN}]

The problem is that I would like to specify the option
"TraditionalForm" for ToString (without that, the exponents are written
on a different line compromising the formatting), but I can't
understand if using this tecnique I can do that, and how.

Obviously I can solve the problem with an explicit loop over the
element of the array, but I was looking for a more elegant solution...
any idea?



P.S. expr are in general both strings or numeric values

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