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Re: Solving integrals

Jens Benecke wrote:

> sorry, this post apparently got mangled ("²" aka "^2" wasn't recognized).
> Here is the integral again:
> f := int ( cos(x) / sqrt[ A*A*sin(x/2)*sin(x/2) + (Bx)^2] dx, x=0..N*2*pi
> where N==(int)0..20, and A and B are small fixed values (around
> 0.0001..0.05).
Hello everybody,

since I've been told by email a number of times:
yes, I know this integral has a singularity. However, it represents a
physical measure (so it must exist), and a simpler form (without the (Bx)^2
in the denominator) can be and has been solved via conversion to Elliptic

I'm just at a los as how to split this one up.

Please help me a bit :)

Jens Benecke

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