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Re: Trigonometric simplification

carlos at wrote:
> As an intermediate result of some calculations I have
> the expression
>    r=Tan[a]^2/(Sec[a]^2)^(3/2)
> where a is real. How can I coerce Mathematica into
> simplifying that to
>    r=Cos[a]*Sin[a]^2
> Both Simplify and FullSimplify with assumptions on a
> fail to get the simpler form.

Hi Carlos,

Using TrigReduce before Simplify will do it:

r = Tan[a]^2/(Sec[a]^2)^(3/2);
Simplify[TrigReduce[r], Assumptions -> {a > 0, Sec[a] > 0}]

--> Cos[a]*Sin[a]^2

Best regards,

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