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Re: RE: Packages--Automated package save

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  • Subject: [mg68907] Re: [mg68893] RE: [mg68835] Packages--Automated package save
  • From: "Chris Chiasson" <chris at>
  • Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 07:15:20 -0400 (EDT)
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I found out (from the default configuration of a Wolfram Workbench
application project) that if you make (to continue your example)
$UserBaseDirectory\Applications\ProjectX\Kernel\init.m, that init.m
will be executed on <<ProjectX`. If you have <<Project`XRoutines`
inside the init.m file, then one only has to call <<ProjectX` to load
the functions under that context.

On 8/22/06, David Park <djmp at> wrote:
> Karl,
> The easiest, and I think standard, way is to write your package statements
> in a regular Mathematica notebook, packagenotebook.nb. Use a separate cell
> for each statement. Make all the Input cells Initialization cells.
> (Ctrl-CRI).
> Then when you first Save the notebook Mathematica will bring up a box that
> asks if you want to make an AutoGenerated Package. Answer yes. Mathematica
> will then automatically create a packagenotebook.m file, which is the actual
> package. Every time you modify the .nb notebook and save it, the .m package
> file will also be automatically updated. You should never have to actually
> look at the .m file.
> If you have already created and saved the notebook without the
> AutoGeneratedPackage feature you can change this by using the Option
> Inspector. Show option values for notebook, Select Notebook Options, File
> Options and AutoGeneratedPackage.
> The other question is where to put the package. The method I like best, and
> also fairly standard I think, is to create a folder in your private
> Mathematica/Applications folder and put the package there. Suppose you are
> working on ProjectX and you want to call you package XRoutines. Then create
> a folder ProjectX in the Applications folder, name your package notebook
> XRoutines.nb and save it in the ProjectX folder. When you do so there will
> also be a XRoutines.m file there.
> Write your BeginPackage statement as
> BeginPackage["ProjectX`XRoutines`"]
> Then the package can be loaded with
> Needs["ProjectX`XRoutines`"]
> or
> <<ProjectX`XRoutines`
> You could store your notebooks for the project in the same folder or
> elsewhere.
> David Park
> djmp at
> From: karl.daggfeldt at [mailto:karl.daggfeldt at]
To: mathgroup at
> Can I save a notebook as a package using front end commands (like
> NotebookSave) and in that case how? This would save me many menue
> mousclicks.
> Sincerely
> Karl Daggfeldt
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