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Re: Need good reference for writing Stylesheets

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  • Subject: [mg68913] Re: Need good reference for writing Stylesheets
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  • Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 07:15:30 -0400 (EDT)
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AES wrote:

> Where do the standard style sheets in the Format >> Style Sheet
> hierarchical menu hide?

I think this is where the standard stylesheets "hide":

> How can one add a customized style sheet to that menu?  (other than
> modifying one of the existing ones)

You could copy your stylesheet into the above directory. Anyway I think a
better choice would be:


I think that for version >= 5.0 both $TopDirectory and $PreferencesDirectory
are deprecated, but still work. If you don't care for earlier versions,
better use $InstallationDirectory and $UserBaseDirectory instead.

> If one has edited a private style sheet for (and within) a Mathematica
> notebook, how can one pull that style sheet out of that notebook, assign
> it a name, and put it somewhere?  (as well as into the Style Sheet menu)

Format -> Edit Stylesheet

will open the Stylesheet as a regular notebook. You can then use File ->
Save As to save a copy of it.

> Some of the standard named style sheets in the Format >> Style Sheet
> menu seem to have styles associated with the different command keys that
> are different not just visually or "format-wise" but functionally. 

the shortcut keys are not as standard as one probably would wish. On the
other hand, it might be different styles that are important for different
purposes/stylesheets, so it could be justified with that. I think the
problem here is that with the current setup one is limited to 10 shortcuts
per stylesheet...

> One time when I stepped through these named style sheets with one of my
> notebooks open, just to see what different styles looked like, it seemed
> to leave some of the cells in my notebook seriously screwed up (from the
> nature of the damage, my guess is one of the styles had made some of the
> non-Input cells in my notebook into evaluatable cells, and they didn't
> like it).   Should there be a warning about this?

If changing the stylesheet screws up cells that is a bug in my opinion. You
should report that to Wolfram.

> have at the bottom  of their "Styles" menu a set of more or less blank
> style templates named "Custom 1", . . .  . "Custom 6" to use for making
> your own styles.  Wolfram?

If you know where to put them, there is no need for "Custom 1" etc. Maybe it
should be made easier to find the relevant documentation, though. Have you
found FrontEnd -> StyleSheets in the HelpBrowser? It basically tells
everything about stylesheets, but is not very exhaustive...


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