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Re: Change of Basis function


and you don't like to tell us *what* your inner 
product is ?
*and* you are unable to compute

InnerProduct[vector,#] & /@ 

very strange.

"David Boily" <dsboily at> schrieb im 
Newsbeitrag news:ecmh90$9iq$1 at
|I would like to know if there is a function 
capable of giving as output
| the representation of a vector in a given basis. 
For example:
| FunctionX[{1,2,3}, {{1,2,0},{0,1,0},{0,0,1}}]
| (where the first argument is the vector and the 
second the basis)
| would yield
| {1,0,3}
| and
| FunctionX[f x1 - b x2 + x3 - x2, {x1,x2,x3}]
| would yield
| {f, -b-1, 1}
| I'm more interested in the second case, 
obviously, because the first one
| can be achieved with a simple matrix 
| David Boily
| Center for Intelligent Machines
| Mcgill University

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