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Re: Numerical Integration

Antonio Neves schrieb:
> Dear All,
> I have found this discussion very interesting. I have a similar
> problem and was wondering if a similar "oneliner" solution for numeric
> integrals of associated Legendre polynomial involving intervals that
> contains many zeros of LegendreP[n,m,z] is possible.
> Any idea how to generate a list of Zeros for LegendreP[n,m,z]?
> Haven't found and library as, Needs["NumericalMath`BesselZeros`"]
> Many thanks,
> Antonio Neves

If you want to integrate over a finite interval and the default call to
NIntegrate doesn't give accurate results, it might be worth the try to
increase Maxrecursion, SingularityDepth, or in combination with
Method->GaussKronrod: GaussPoints->20 or even more.

 If you supply more detailed information on your problem, we could propably
help you.

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