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Re: Re: General--Making the DisplayFormula style in ArticleModern look like Traditional

Paul Abbott wrote:
> In article <dthhpd$nhn$1 at>, box2718-news at wrote:
>>I'm still attempting to use Mathematica to typeset homework. I'm having all 
>>sorts of difficulty trying to figure out how to get Mathematica to do what I 
>>want it to do, so I appreciate any help that you can give. I don't have a 
>>particularly deep question right now, but I am acutely aware that I don't 
>>really feel like I know what is going on.
>>I'm using the articlemodern style, and very frequently use the style 
>>"display formula". I would like the formulas that I write to come out 
>>looking like TraditionalForm, but they default to StandardForm. I can 
>>certainly change this every time I read a formula, but it would be nice to 
>>be able to edit the style sheet so that it defaults to TraditionalForm 
>>instead of StandardForm. Try as I might, though, I haven't been able to do 
>>this.  Any suggestions?
> If you do
>   Format | Edit Style Sheet ...
> and go to the Formulas and Programming Section and select the 
> DisplayFormula style and then do
>   Format | Show Expression
> you will see that one option for cells of this type is
>  DefaultFormatType->DefaultInputFormatType
> Now, since I bet that your DefaultInputFormatType is StandardForm, you 
> will see why formulas in DisplayFormula style are in StandardForm. 
> Personally, I think that this default setting is wrong. For display 
> formulas you nearly always want
>   DefaultFormatType->TraditionalForm
> so, if you change this in the Style Sheet everything will work as 
> expected. You can also change the Notebook or Global settings of the 
> DefaultFormatType using 
>   Format | Option Inspector
> and modfifying the appropriate CommonDefaultFormatTypes.
> Alternatively, if you change 
>   Cell | Default Input FormatType
> to TraditionalForm (which is my preference for Input and Output) then 
> you will get formulas in TraditionalForm.
> For some examples of typeset homework, have a look at Solutions2004.nb 
> and Solutions2005.nb at
> Cheers,
> Paul
> _______________________________________________________________________
> Paul Abbott                                      Phone:  61 8 6488 2734
> School of Physics, M013                            Fax: +61 8 6488 1014
> The University of Western Australia         (CRICOS Provider No 00126G)    
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TraditionalForm is bad for input. Very bad. I still field questions from 
an In and Out column of The Mathematica Journal 8(1) (published in 2001) 
that were typeset using TraditionalForm. Okay, there were limitations in 
the code itself, but the formatting managed to alter precedence 
somewhere in a way that exacerbated the trouble.

Output and display formulas are different fish entirely from input, and 
they go well with traditional formatting.

Daniel Lichtblau
Wolfram Research

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