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RE: Colored Tick Labels?

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  • Subject: [mg66941] RE: [mg66910] Colored Tick Labels?
  • From: "David Park" <djmp at>
  • Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 02:01:17 -0400 (EDT)
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With DrawGraphics one could use the CustomTicks command.

The following plots Sin[Pi t] from -1 to 1, then relabels the x axis so it
runs from -Pi to Pi and also multiplies the amplitude of the curve by 3 and
shifts it up by three so the y scale goes from 0 to 6. The x-axis labels are
in red and the y axis labels are in blue. One only has to enter StyleForm
once, in the CTNumberFunction option. We also obtain the unlabeled
subdivision ticks and for the top and right frame ticks we have the same
divisions with no tick labels. Just for fun, I also added very light grid
lines using CustomGridLines.

The pure functions take us from the tick label to the underlying plot value.
The list gives us {start, end, step, number of subdivisions} in terms of the
labeled tick values.


xticks = CustomTicks[#/Pi &, {-Pi, Pi, Pi/2, 5},
      CTNumberFunction -> (StyleForm[#, FontColor -> Red] &)];
topticks =
    CustomTicks[#/Pi &, {-Pi, Pi, Pi/2, 5}, CTNumberFunction -> ("" &)];
yticks = CustomTicks[(# - 3)/3 &, {0, 6, 1, 5},
      CTNumberFunction -> (StyleForm[#, FontColor -> Blue] &)];
rightticks =
    CustomTicks[(# - 3)/3 &, {0, 6, 1, 5}, CTNumberFunction -> ("" &)];
xgrids = CustomGridLines[#/Pi &, {-Pi, Pi, Pi/2}, {Gainsboro}];
ygrids = CustomGridLines[(# - 3)/3 &, {0, 6, 1}, {Gainsboro}];

    {Draw[Sin[Pi t], {t, -1, 1}]},
    Frame -> True,
    FrameTicks -> {xticks, yticks, topticks, rightticks},
    GridLines -> {xgrids, ygrids},
    ImageSize -> 450];

David Park
djmp at

From: AES [mailto:siegman at]
To: mathgroup at

To create frames with different scales and tick labels on each axis, I
habitually use syntax like:

   xTicks={{-1,"-Pi"}, {0.5,"0"}, {1,"Pi"}}

and so on, and then

   FrameTicks->{xTicks, yTicks, topTicks, rightTicks}

Question:  Any simple way to apply a different color to the set of ticks
on each axis ***without having to insert a syntax like

   StyleForm["-Pi", FontColor->Red]

into each and every individual quoted "-Pi" label separately?

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