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Re: Re: MatrixForm to JPG


Use a Text graphics primitive:

x = Table[Random[], {5}, {6}] // MatrixForm;
y = Graphics[{Text[x, {0, 0}]}, AspectRatio -> 1/3, ImageSize -> 400];

You'll have to play with the AspectRatio and ImageSize to display all
the text while minimizing wasted whitespace.

Once you're happy with the image, export y using the Export command.

Good luck!

On Monday, March 6, 2006 at 5:01 AM, Bruce W. Colletti wrote:

> Peter

> Thank you for the reply.

> I have always used your approach, but it now falls short because the image 
> quality isn't good enough.

> If there is a way (in a Mathematica session) to convert the MatrixForm 
> output to a graphic G, then I could use Export[..., G, 
> ImageResolution->X...] to produce a quality graphic.

> Any ideas?

> Thanks again.

> Bruce

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> From: "Peter Pein" <petsie at>
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> Subject: [mg64917] [mg64888] Re: MatrixForm to JPG

>> Bruce W. Colletti schrieb:
>>> Re Mathematica 5.2 under WinXP.
>>> How would I export the output of MatrixForm to a JPG file?
>>> Thankx.
>>> Bruce
>> Hi Bruce,
>> select the output-cell, menu->Edit->Save Selection As->BMP and use an 
>> external program to convert the bitmap to jpg (
>> Peter

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