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Re: Outputs of the Limit function

In article <durl1u$lvf$1 at>,
 "Ben C" <benjamin.chamberlain at> wrote:

> When using the Limit function I got an output, BesselI(1,0)[5/2,s] ,
> where the bracket (1,0) was a superscript. Please, can anyone tell me
> the significance of the superscript bracket.

It means the partial derivative of BesselI[nu,s] with respect to nu, 
evaluated at nu = 5/2. That is

  Derivative[1, 0][BesselI][5/2, s]

If you enter

 D[f[x,y],x] /. x -> 5/2



you will get a similar expression. Note that Mathematica can numerically 
evaluate such expressions for numerical s. For example, enter

  Derivative[1, 0][BesselI][5/2, 0.1]

See also


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